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We Are the Brainchild of Musicians

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We Are the Brainchild of Musicians

Voicer Recording Studio is a full service recording studio, owned and operated by Grammy award winning mixer John Smith.

Voicer Recording Studio has three fully equipped studios, with a spacious tracking room, iso rooms, and a world class blend of state of the art and vintage gear. Our dedicated staff of engineers offers recording, mixing, mastering, post-production, ISDN, transfers, mobile recording, live sound, video production, and even small scale cd-manufacturing with print.

Our studios are equipped to handle your project from beginning to end. We have top notch trained musicians at our fingertips, so if your music is lacking that extra edge, we can maximize sound to the fullest.

Our Mission

To make your recording experience and music needs an easy one by using all resources available to fine tune the abilities of the local artists and musicians.

Our Vision

Is to go beyond standard remit of a sound recording studio and to become a creative hub where artists, bands, songwriters, musicians and producers can realize their sonic potential.

Core Values

  • The artist is at the center of the process

  • The past inspires invention and innovation

  • Experimentation requires artistic rigor and risk

  • Collaboration activates growth


Recording Studios

The KP Production is a 1000 square foot facility with 1 control room, 1 vocal booth, 1 jam room and 1 croma room

Studio– Mixing Studio

A recording studio is a specialized facility for the recording, mixing, and audio production of musical performances of instruments and vocals, spoken words, and other sounds. They range in size from a small home project studio big enough to accommodate one singer/guitarist to a large building that can accommodate his full orchestra of over 100 musicians.

Ideally, both the recording and monitoring (listening and mixing) rooms achieve optimal acoustic properties (acoustic separation or diffusion or absorption of reflected sound echoes that can interfere with what the listener hears) specifically designed by an acoustician or acoustic engineer

Want to Record Your Own Hits?

We are a full service studio featuring the latest technology for our all your projects

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Our Team

At KP Productions we believe that the calibre of your engineers & producers is just as important as the quality of the studio you work in. Each member of the team is watching your every gesture and will hear your every whisper. You will be treated as a king, any whims! No potential customer will resist such recognition.
-- We are KP Productions --

Mr.Gunjan Pancholi



Mr.Gunjan Pancholi working as a Sound Enginner, Music Programmer as well as Video Editor in KP productions. He studied film-making from FTII. He is instructor of Film Editing and Sound Engineering.